East Reservations

East Chapel Hill High School Performing Arts

Just Wanna Usher?

Please sign up for ushering by emailing artateast@chccs.k12.nc.us with the subject line “Volunteer Usher for ____” (please fill in the blank with the show you would like to usher for)

On the Job

Please arrive early and dressed in black pants and a white shirt, business casual attire. You are working, so please dress like it! When you arrive, please check in with the Head Usher/Front of House Manager to get your assignment. Ushers may be allowed to stay and watch the show if we have available seating. If you would like to ensure seating with others, please buy your tickets online or at the box office.

We also request that if you are using ushering to qualify for service learning hours that you both sign in and out with either the Stage Manager or Head Usher/Front of House Manager with your exact times so that we can confirm your LetServe Request. If this is your first time volunteering with the drama department, or you just need a reminder on how to do it, please click HERE. Thanks!