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East Chapel Hill High School Performing Arts


Plans for the New 2021 In Person Season Are Under Way

If you are interested in auditioning, working tech or in the audience next year,

click here to fill out an


so we know how to stay in touch with you as we begin plans for the season.

Here is the latest presentation of the current plans for the season. We want to know what you feel about, even if your response is positive. Student feedback of enthusiasm for a specific project has already been incorporated and influenced our plans.

Make sure to make time to join us for the last two sessions on Sunday, June 27th & Monday, June 28th, virtually, at 7:00 p.m. and 4:30 pm, respectively, at this Google Meet.

RECAP: Starting June 14th, we began conducting feedback sessions to guide conversations with M. Hynes as she presented emerging plans for the theatrical season. These meetings are designed to faciliate feedback conversations within the ECHHS Performing Arts community at every step of the way in our planning.  No experience is necessary to participate.  Anyone may join us, but we ask to prioritize invitations for anyone who tentatively plan on participating in the theatrical season–potential auditioners, audience members, staff who will be using our shows to extend their curriculum and interested community stakeholders.